The Ghost in the Shell Anthology.


It seems that after watching the original Ghost in the Shell, 1995 and the sequel Innocence, my interest in this franchise is very much alive. That said, I feel like I don’t know much about the universe and who created it? Manga itself is a world I’m not too familiar with either. Hopefully, by the end of this project, I will understand its history and more about the people involved in making it.

Ghost-in-the-Shell (1)

Ghost in the Shell 1995.


Ghost in the Shell 2, Innocence, 2004

OIP (1)

Ghost in the Shell, 2017.

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Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex 2002.

 Episode 1, Section 9.


Episode 3, Android and I.


Episode 5. Decoy.

 Episode 6. MEME.

Episode 7, Idolator.

Episode 8, The Fortunate Ones

Episode 9, The Man Who Dwells in the Shadows of the Net.

Episode 10, A Perfect Day for a Jungle Cruise.