Well here goes!


Hi Colin here, I am a 41-year-old male from England, just looking for followers who are interested in Sci-fi and popular culture, anyway thanks for taking the time to read this.

I have always fancied the idea of starting a blog along with some other projects that never seem to do. I don’t know if this because of lack of confidence or I just don’t have to determination and will-power to see these projects through. I am a big Kevin Smith fan and I like how he tells people to just go create something. Well here I am and hopefully, I will get some help and tips along the way. My hobbies and interests?

Creative Writing, well first please don’t expect this blog to be error free. I really have a strong interest in creative writing and I would like to learn more about It. I want to learn how to blog well and there will be bumps along the way. I guess you have to start somewhere, right!

Art, I really do have an interest in learning more about my creative side, I would really like to try some different art projects such as drawing, photography and painting. I will be using my twitter account to reach out to others to try and help inspire me.

Science fiction, there are some interests which I already enjoy and the first is a science fiction fan. I love the big two, Star Wars and Star Trek. The early sci-fi of the 1950’s is quite enjoyable and I will be reviewing some of these on my blog.

Podcasts, well I really do like podcasts. If you have never listened to TESD aka (Tell Em Steve Dave) then I would highly recommend it. I listen to some others also Star Wars Minute and Mission Log and I will be reviewing these shows on my blog also.

I have many other interests and hobbies. Well, anyway I do appreciate anybody reading this and please make contact and say hello.