Captain Marvel, 2019: A Step Back in Time and a Huge Leap into the Future. A Non-Spoiler Review.

The first time I wrote about a Marvel movie, was after watching Thor Ragnarok. I was pretty late to the party on that one, as it was only after the release to home video that I finally watched it. I discussed how I had watched all of the Marvel movies but wouldn’t class myself as a serious fan, and I definitely didn’t give it as much time as I gave to other other interests in my life. I did say, however, with the upcoming offerings from Marvel, I could find myself falling deeper into this fandom. Well, guess what? After that, I watched Black PantherInfinity War and both Spiderman movies, plus any other offerings at the cinema, right away. I now would actually say the Marvel universe is the most exciting franchise happening on the big screen at the moment. Captain Marvel, released this weekend is no exception, in fact, it’s only helped accelerate my enthusiasm for the upcoming film, AvengersEndgame ten-fold. I think the greatest pleasure for me, is that I go into these movies completely fresh and without any knowledge of anything that has happened in the comics, plus lazily avoiding all trailers and TV Spots. I really wish I had the power to avoid any upcoming spoilers for Star Wars Episode 9 so easily, but that really is something I need to know every little detail about.


Let’s get back to Captain Marvel, like I said earlier, this is pretty much spoiler free. I’m pretty much flabbergasted that Marvel can still manage to give me so many movies that use the same formula, but still make it new and interesting, even more, nearly make a grown man cry. Well, it made Kevin Smith break down into a total mess, but I can definitely see why, with a lovely homage to him in a scene, that is pretty phenomenal. Slight spoiler, this movie is set in the ’90s not only is it set in that era but I’m pretty sure Marvel used the same style, action sequences and atmospheric music that was used in that time as well, and it looked and felt pretty amazing. Someone else who looked amazing was Captain Marvel, Brie Larson, I will admit I still don’t know what other movies she is famous for, but she has nailed this part down to perfection for me, I would even say that she is now my favourite superhero at this point!


I think it’s common knowledge that fans are becoming pretty bored with origin movies now, but? This origin story is really enjoyable as it’s probably the first time we have watched Nick Fury Samuel L. Jackson and Agent Coulson Clark Gregg start to form their relationship that kept Agents of Shield together, it was really enjoyable to watch, and with what has happened in the universe at this point makes it’s more poignant. I think the plot of the film is rich and strong, you are either left thinking about the moment or just watching in awe as the story unfolds. Even more surprising to me, is that it’s a lot funnier than I expected.

How can I criticise this movie? I will admit, I always feel slightly uneasy as some of these movies are somehow trying to recruit the youth of today into army life, not that there is anything wrong with that, but the cinema is the last place to be doing it. I will admit though, this movie deals with that pretty well and throws it out of the window by the end. This movie is about finding out why you truly are and not living up to any exceptions that are placed on you.


So back to the ’90s and this is very much the time of my journey into adulthood. This movie reminds me of some great and terrible things we had to endure at that time and is done in such a way that it’s enjoyable and not just placed in for nostalgia’s sake. On top of that is the pretty spectacular soundtrack, one that will be downloaded by me, very soon. Maybe it’s the 90’s vibe that caught my imagination in this movie, but I believe its more than that, it’s the universe Marvel is creating and just like the 90s, this will be remembered as a defining moment in our history.


And finally . . . . . . Stan Lee. All I want to say is rest in peace Stan, thanks for embracing these movies just as much as you did with the comics. What a man.


I was thinking yesterday about how you could physically describe what Marvel are doing at the moment, and the best way to describe it is like a Jackson-Pollock painting.


You have all these different splashes of colour and different parts of the picture will catch your eye, leaving you to enjoy certain splatters more than others. I think we are in the early stages of one of these pictures and eventually, when we look back on it, it would become something that is far more amazing as a whole. That will be quite a modern masterpiece to enjoy.


Do yourself a favour and treat yourself to some quite simply wonderful escapism for a few hours. With Avengers Endgame hot on the heels of Captain Marvel, you don’t want to miss out on this amazing tapestry of films. I can safely say I am pretty much a huge fan of Marvel now. Thank you for reading.

Did you watch Captain Marvel? What are your thoughts on the movie, or my review? Let me know in the comments below.