Avengers Infinity Wars and the Quest for World Domination.


A few months back I reviewed Thor Ragnarok. I was really impressed with that movie, enough to think that Marvel after nine years had actually made a fan out of me. Yeah, I had watched all the movies and enjoyed them, I even went to the cinema to watch Guardians of the Galaxy 2 but I never really bothered with the release dates and trailers. Well, that was up until now. I did put in the last review that I felt things were going to get a whole lot better for Marvel and I was right, Black Panther was a surprise to everybody as it smashed it at the box office and had a huge impact culturally.


This week I was actually looking forward to going to watch Avengers Infinity War and I can confirm they now have me as a solid fan. Actually enough to wait for the credits to end so I could watch about 30 seconds of extra footage. The movie itself had everything a modern day blockbuster should have. I was a little worried going in that it wouldn’t have had enough time to actually breath but it flowed so great, furthermore;  it managed to tell such a wonderful story as well. The humour had me laughing and the suspense had me on the edge of my seat, also; the ending had me feeling a little sad, sad in the fact I have to wait till next year to see what happens next. That was the point I was making in my Thor Ragnarok review, I could feel myself really starting to indulge in this franchise and now I am knee-deep into it. I am even going to start watching all the movies again from the start. Congratulations to Kevin Feige and everyone at Marvel, you really do feel this is as good as it can get but I think they can keep pushing the franchise further. Just like I will be counting down the days to the next Star Wars movie; Well I’m going to be counting down the days for the Marvel movies also. I would actually now say this is a golden era for the superhero franchise. What a MARVELlous film.

Here is my review below for Thor Ragnarok and my feelings about the new movies coming up. How did you find Infinity War? leave me a comment or like below and thank you for reading. 

Are Thor and Marvel about to take over our Universe!