The Matrix Universe.

Funny, I’ve only just realised that The Matrix has been in the zeitgeist for literally half of my life, but it still feels pretty new to me. Watching the film on opening night and having my mind altered forever will do that to you. No spoilers, no expectations, only enjoyment. However, with the release of Matrix Resurrections in December, avoiding spoilers is becoming beyond impossible in the modern world. I want to go in to this new film with a clear mind and feel some of that enjoyment I had in 1999. So, I plan to go back and try and soak up as much information as I can for that moment. So, for this new project, I will be reviewing each of the original movies, the Animatrix, and something completely new to me, The Matrix Comics. I have to say, it feels good stepping back into this world again.


The Matrix, 1999. It’s All Coming Back To Me Now.


The Animatrix. The Second Renaissance Part 1 and 2.


Bits and Pieces of Information.

R (6)

The Animatrix, Kid’s Story. I’m falling Through The Air.


Sweating the Small Stuff. The Matrix Comics.