Stanley Kubrick, The Film Collection.

I was one of those lucky people who got to watch The Shining when I was a child and it has been one of those films I have enjoyed revisiting ever since. Over the years it’s hard to avoid just how much interest in this film has grown and more importantly in Stanley Kubrick himself. Maybe the interest has always been there and it’s only recently that I have started to realise that I want to know more about his life and the other wonderful films he has made throughout his lifetime. Throughout this series of essays, I will discuss and review each one of his films and by the end, I will rank them all and see where they stand. I must admit that are only a handful of his films that I have actually watched and none of them anywhere near as many times as I have watched The Shining, second in place to that is Full Metal Jacket which I didn’t even know was directed by Stanley Kubrick till recently. This makes me somewhat happy because I will get to watch these films for the first time through new eyes and a new perspective.


So why Stanley Kubrick and why now? Well, I think that comes down to me starting this website and looking at film. I feel like I am learning more about film-making and really beginning to understand the craft used to produce something so memorable. I recently watched 2001 A Space Odyssey and it just blew me away, I also think I am starting to see films differently as I get older and I can understand the story a lot more. I’m going to let you into a secret! I’m really very nervous about starting this look into the world of Kubrick, but why? Well, I know Stanley was a very intelligent person and I think a lot of his fans are highly intelligent as well. I do feel like there is a flip-side to that because I’m intrigued about Stanley Kubrick as a person who can appeal to people all across the social spectrum. I have read some of his interviews and this a person I can somewhat relate too as he examines the human condition. I hope you follow me as I watch each of these films and also review some books and discuss other forms of media talking about his work. If you are a huge fan of Stanley or just a beginner like me I would love to hear your stories about this wonderful director, about his life or his films. I just want to learn what he means to others just as much as myself. Well below you will find my very look at his films and I am starting with The Shining was a bit hesitant about starting with this film first but it’s the one I have watched the most and I want to try and discover what appealed to me all those years ago and now. Thank you for joining me.


The Shining 1980: Gold and Evil and Sunshine.


Spartacus, 1960. Stanley Kubrick.


Full Metal Jacket, 1987: Born to Kill!


Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, 1964.


A Clockwork Orange, 1971./