Predestination: Time is on my side.


If anybody read my last my review of Soylent Green you would have known about my look into the world of Incredibly strange films. I basically find a cult film that seems to be loved by fans and in some cases adored and argued about. I know nothing about the film at all, I’ve not even watched a trailer, I just try to work out what the film is about as I am watching it. I learned something very valuable about Soylent Green, I learned that my first reaction to the film changed once I started to talking to fans and learning about the content and background of the story. So, what do I know about Predestination? Well, I know it stars Ethan Hawke; also, it has something to do with time travel and two people have told me I need to see it. Anyway, there is no TIME like the present, so let’s get to it.

Straight away this film looks beautiful, I’m not a director but you have overhead shots and a sideways one, I’m impressed. Next, we are in a room with one bomb and two people, a bit like two girls one cup but someone dies. There is nothing spookier than someone in bandages; furthermore, he is lying in bed reading inspirational quotes from some sticky notes. I’m starting to think the character in the bandages is some kind of detective looking for someone called the fizzle bomber and I’m guessing the stage is set. The character in the bandages is injured both mentally and physically, to be honest, I thought this was Deadpool 2 for a second as we see the state of our main characters head, very pretty. It’s 1970, New York and we are in a bar with our main man, Ethan Hawke. I really do like the look of this bar and I’m actually feeling a little thirsty, well done to the set designers on that. In comes a customer Sarah Snook and asks for a drink and I’m thinking someone to talk too and begins to tell his story about his past. Let me try and get this straight, the customer says his name is John, a writer on a confessions page and his pen name is the young married mother. That seems pretty weird but each to their own and he starts to tell the story of when he was a little girl, Whoa! I was not expecting that though. This film is getting Incredibly strange at this point. John was an orphan when she was a little girl she always wanted some parents and was willing to get run over by a car for it. Also, she likes a good fight as we see her fighting in a garden, it’s a bit like an X-Men origin story but with a ginger kid. All this for a little girl called John leaves her remarkably tough, clever and all alone. Maybe having a miserable life can do wonders for you as John gets invited to go to space camp when she is older, not only that John manages to beat everyone in all the tests and manages to beat everybody up as well. Goodbye space travel and hello hoover and feather duster as she is fired and has to get a job as a cleaner. I really don’t know where this film is going at all, sometimes you can kind of guess but no, I’ve got nothing! Just when you thought things couldn’t get any stranger John falls in love and on top of that, she has been offered a job back at the space camp. Maybe things are on the up for John and this is a romantic story after all? No, it’s all gone down the drain again, poor John is with child and loses her job and her boyfriend has left her sat on a park bench literally. Can this poor girl called John to go through any more pain in life? Well, yes as someone steals her baby and is told . . . . well, how can I explain this one! John who is a woman is told that she has the organs of both a man and a woman but the doctor can only save her man parts, I need a lie down for an hour!  Now we see John become the man he is, we have a nice shot of some snow outside the hospital and then a close up of John’s naked body, I’ve only just had my dinner as well.



So, John moves to New York and starts writing and that brings him to this bar on this night. At last, John lets the barman get a word in edgeways and how can you top that story! Actually, I do believe they are playing for a bottle of whiskey. The barman lets John know that he can find the man who got him pregnant, I think? Not only that, he works for the space camp she was fired from and is a time traveller. This is really weird, I’m glad I didn’t turn up in that bar that night. Cut a long story short and John agrees to go with the barman to another time, I hope he has a Tardis or DeLorean, no, he has a time-travelling trumpet case! I am going to stop here, I can’t keep up with writing all this, it’s absolutely bonkers. I need to just relax, sit back and watch the rest of the film before my head falls off. I will let you know what I think of the film next though.


First of all, I would like to say I won’t be speaking to any strangers in bars anymore. Next, I would like to say Ethan Hawke is such an underrated actor and he was brilliant in this film. Last but not least, I’m so glad I gave up trying to write everything down as I was watching the film. I get very confused by time, I couldn’t even tell you how long you should leave a potato in the microwave and after watching this film I might just buy a sundial and stick to using that. In the movie I noticed a book called Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein, I have read that book and I Grok it. I was very happy to hear this was a short story by the same author. Do I Like this film, yes, it’s wonderful and I am glad I listened to those two people? Well, I’m going to the Doctors just to make sure I have all the right organs in my body. Thanks for reading and goodbye.  

Well, I really do hope you enjoyed reading my post, What did you think of Predestination or will you give it a watch? Leave me a comment in the section below and see you next time for some more Incredibly Strange Films. 


8 thoughts on “Predestination: Time is on my side.

  1. You do know this movie is an adaptation of the short story by Robert Heinlein called ALL YOU ZOMBIES? (Notice the reference in the dialog at the end?) One of course could not call All You Zombies now days, the zombies refereed to in the film are not movie zombies.
    This movie is the best adaptation of a science fiction short story I have ever seen, Twilight Zone could not have done it any better. Not only is the basic story used but all the details, only a little riffing on some of the plot points. This is one of the best science fiction films ever made!
    One head scratcher , the Spierig brothers made this and then lately also did Winchester, like to know what went wrong unless there was studio interference. Curious to see what they do next..


  2. Heinlein is one of the great science fiction writers of the 20th century. Especially his works before 1960. His best works are his short stories (All You Zombies is one of them). His best novels are Door into Summer and Double Star.
    He has a great series of novels for young adults (which really are for anybody of any age). Particularity good are Red Planet, Starman Jones , Have Space Suit will Travel and Starship Troopers (others also). Star Ship Troopers is a film, tho only so so as an adaptation , someone needs to do it over like Heinlein wrote it.


  3. The Moon is a Harsh Mistress was supposed to have been made into a film by now but I don’t know what happened. Have Space Suit will Travel is also supposed to be done as film, not sure were that stands. That would make a jim dandy stand alone film if done on , say, HBO…..
    Someone wants to do Star Ship Troopers again , right this time, but I don’t know about that either.


  4. Also read Joe Haldeman’s The Forever War , which was his , sort of, answer to Star Ship Troopers.
    The Forever War is another possible movie adaptation that has not yet been done. It could be good if done well.


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