The Versatile Blogger Award.

Well, what do you know, an award? I’m both flattered and humbled by this prestigious achievement.

First, I would like to thank my family. Second goes to my tastes in popular culture for making me want to write about these topics on my site. Last and by no means Flowangelic who nominated me for this award. Please go check out her site because it really is very good.

Also, I would like to thank Raistlin0903 who nominated me also but more importantly is helping me build bridges with other users. Such a great Blogger.

The Rules.



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  • Share seven things about yourself
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So now I have to share seven things about myself. Well, this could be difficult as I am quite the introvert. I guess the blog is about me learning more about myself and be more open and honest about my life and the things I enjoy.

  1. I don’t really think I am intelligent, I even had to look up what versatile means but I believe in myself which I think serves me better. I know I am not alone in this and I can see sometimes the negative effect it can have on people’s lives. For a long time, that person was me but I think you should always push yourself no matter what criticism you may receive. Life is for learning, don’t let everyone else have all the fun.
  2. I am currently learning Guitar which I really enjoy and I am getting better and if you are lucky enough I may be playing in a venue near you in 2045.
  3. This year I have joined a writing group, I know I have a lot to learn when it comes down to grammar and structure but I really feel like I could have some great Ideas If I push myself enough. I have been listening to some great podcasts over the last five years which is all about story and plot, so why not and it’s the old saying that it is better to try and fail than not try at all.
  4. I really love Podcasts, Kevin Smith started me off with Fatman on Batman and now there are so many great ones out there now. My top three favourites are Tell Em Steve Dave: Basically, three friends record the show from Jay and Silent Bobs Secret Stash in New Jersey, Q from Impractical Jokers and Bryan Johnson and Walt Flanagan from Comic Book Men, it’s really quite amazing. Star Wars Minute: Where they analyse the star wars movies one minute at a time. They are currently covering Revenge of the Sith, again, extremely funny stuff. The last one is Mission Log Podcast: They look at every episode and movie from Star Trek and work out if the show has a strong message; also if that story still holds up today. it’s really very interesting and informative. I still listen to Kevin Smith a lot but I can’t rank him because he is on everything really. That man never stops working. I would really like to do a podcast one day and see how that goes.
  5. I live in between Manchester and Liverpool in the UK, in a little town called St.Helens, the good things about the North West are the music and sports.
  6. I don’t really like answering questions.
  7. The reason I started this blog is to reach out and meet other like-minded people who enjoy life and all it has to offer. Hopefully, learn more about myself along the way. I was just thinking that I could have explained a little bit more about myself but this is just the beginning. Plenty of time for that so there you go.

Now I would like to nominate, Irana over at, love that blog and also The Jukebox Junkie over at who has impressed me with his music knowledge.

Again many thanks to everyone who reads this, this blog is making my life somewhat better so here is to the future. – Colin