Star Trek Discovery Season One Review.


Well, it only feels like days ago since I first started reading on social media the outrage of what was the show Star Trek Discovery. To be honest that negativity has never really left social media but I have left a few groups and unfollowed some people to bring some calmness back to my timeline. I’m not talking about disagreements because I believe it’s good to discuss these things and learn from other people which are some of the values Star Trek tries to promote. No, I’m talking about the fans who are so determined to prove that this show is not Star Trek? Well, it is because it has it there on the title of the show!  Listen I know everybody has their own series of Star Trek they love and I am a big fan of The Next Generation. Never at any point did that franchise belong to me and to be even more honest with you after that series had finished I think they should have tried doing something new like Discovery way back then.

I have just finished watching the first season and I admit I am impressed. Has it been the best show since 1966? No, but as far as a first season goes it’s pretty much up there with the rest of previous series debuts. I think the first season of any show is pretty much like meeting a stranger for the first time. do you like them? Even more, can you cope with them for another five years? I know I like Discovery just for those reasons so, I am in. I’ve heard various reasons why people don’t like this show. There was the pay-per-view incident with CBS but I live in the UK and pay for Netflix and the price that costs means it is worth it for me to subscribe. I do understand people just can’t afford it so I do sympathise with those affected. Times have changed in the entertainment industry and I do think CBS is just trying to adapt to streaming because it’s the future. Studios who don’t make any changes will be struggling in next ten years in my opinion. I do understand viewers don’t like this show for many different reasons but one reason I can’t accept from fans of the franchise is that it is not Star Trek. They don’t just believe that statement but try to go on a crusade and explain to other fans why it isn’t what they think it is. I get a bit perplexed because if I don’t like something then I move on to something new. Maybe fans seem to get the same amount of enjoyment from hating it than I do from loving it. Maybe this is just from personal experience but I’ve met a few characters online other the last few months who have made me feel embarrassed. The future of Star Trek looks pretty good for season two but what these haters need to realise that this franchise could be very easily forgotten, I love Star Trek but it has nothing compared to the Star Wars fandom.  I actually think the people responsible for this show deserve a bit more respect than hate; furthermore, they deserve respect for bringing the show back to TV, also for trying to create something new that we haven’t seen before. Okay this might not be your Star Trek but how many times do you want to watch the same thing over and over again? Sounds pretty boring to me when we have something just as good available?.

So, if you have not watched the series then please give it a go, whether you have watched Star Trek before or not because it really is very good. If you have watched it and hate it then that’s great also. Just try and be respectful of the show because it’s giving other people a chance to enjoy the franchise. Live long and prosper. By the the way if you have watched the final episode this week, what about that for a cliff-hanger?

Below are a couple of comments from Twitter and the Rotten Tomotoes review but do remember the only opinion that matters is your own.



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