Sometimes, something will come along and make an impact on your life forever. V by Kenneth Johnson is one of those somethings for me. The miniseries was a surprise hit on British television, beating the Los Angeles Olympics over at the BBC. I do remember some excitement about this show before it aired, but my memory as an eight-year-old is a little cloudy. I just know it was a big hit for me. For a child who had grown up with Star Wars, V was very much a step into a far more realistic setting and an adult-themed world. I have revisited the entire series once or twice over the years, but after watching episode one of the miniseries, it is slightly different from the way I remember it. Plus, I want to learn what happened behind the scenes and more about the TV shows creation.

But why one episode at a time? Well, that is how I first watched the show, and I want to try and understand how it kept me coming back for more. I have read some reviews that talk about the entire run in less than a thousand words, and it doesn’t touch on the importance of the show. I’m not saying my reviews are going to better, but they will give me the insight I think the show deserves, and you can’t ask for more than that. I just want to learn how, when and why it happened, hopefully, talk to others who enjoyed the show, and understand why it just disappeared from our screens forever.


V (TV Miniseries) 1983 -Episode One.