Star Trek and Star Wars Timeline.

star wars trek

Star Trek V Star Wars? This is a question everyone seems to ask but for me, it has always been Star Trek and Star Wars! Both of these franchises are the building blocks that have led me to my love for science-fiction, both acting as a symbiont circle that has entertained me for over four decades. I have decided that I am going to go right back to the beginning and try and find out why I love both of these franchises and see how they have changed over time. I am simply going to create a timeline and have a look at each television series and films as they were released. It also gives me a great chance to look at what was happening in the world in that year and as a music lover, listen to some of the music that might have been playing on those sets or in the actors’ trailers. I still watch Star Trek and Star Wars on a weekly basis and now is probably the perfect time for me to review these shows and films and I will no doubt be adding documentaries, books and any other media I find interesting. Living in a time where I can watch a show and then instantly find out all about it online is pretty great but for this project, I just want it to be a totally organic experience. Apart from a few production details and some knowledge I already know, this will be just my view of the work in front of me and how it helped shape what came after it . . . . . . Let the journey begin. 


Star Trek The Cage, 1965


The Mandalorian, November 12th 2019