The Man Who Fell to Earth, 1976: My Journey into Science-Fiction Part 11, Water, Water Everywhere.

Hello and welcome to part 11 of my Journey into Science-Fiction. Last time I looked at Twelve Monkeys 1995. But what links The Man Who Fell to Earth 1976 with Terry Gilliam’s dystopian film? If you would like to find out, then click on the link below. Twelve Monkeys, 1995: Baby it’s Cold and Uninhabitable Outside. David Bowie is […]

Spartacus, 1960. Stanley Kubrick.

It’s taken me longer than expected to really start looking at Stanley Kubrick’s films. Alas, the journey has now begun. I’m already learning so much about the director, some people class as the greatest ever, now including me. The film I’m looking at today is Spartacus, the elephant in the room so to speak. It […]

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Gauntlet.

I have recently just finished watched Mystery Science Theater 3000’s latest offering, The Gauntlet and it was superb. MST3K is now celebrating 30 years of existence and for me, this latest series has been something completely special. To be honest, I Can’t remember if this show was available in the UK back in the day, but I do remember seeing […]