Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Gauntlet.


I have recently just finished watched Mystery Science Theater 3000’s latest offering, The Gauntlet and it was superb. MST3K is now celebrating 30 years of existence and for me, this latest series has been something completely special. To be honest, I Can’t remember if this show was available in the UK back in the day, but I do remember seeing it a long time ago somehow. I was always interested in the premise of the show and really wanted to be one of those people who fell in love with it right away because I do like classic B movies. Did I give it enough time? Well not really as it was the odd episode here and there, and after an hour or so I would fall asleep. Blasphemy! I can feel arise in people’s minds as they are reading this, but I’m always honest in my writing. I can say I was completely wrong though and I hope to go back and put right my error in Judgement. I really can’t wait to get started.



I will be completely honest and let you know that it was Mac and Me that attracted me back to this show because that film can make me laugh all on its own merit.  Jonah, Crow and Tom Servo have just reinvigorated my love for it ten-fold. The jokes they come out with were brilliant, but I do think it might be that the movies they are now covering are not as old as some they have covered in the past, nonetheless, I laughed at every dig they made at this 80s sci-fi classic. The laughing didn’t stop throughout this new series. I started to become a little bit more familiar with the story of Joshua and started to get into that storyline also. I previously started the rebooted season of MST3K and was enjoying it but this new season completely hit new heights for me. Atlantic Rim was a surprise as it’s not an old film at all but again, this made me laugh hard and its everything that’s swirling around in your head when you are watching any movie on the Syfy Channel. To be honest, all of these films were pretty good and each one of them made me laugh as the jokes kept coming and stayed strong.

Now for Killer Fish, you know when you have those fits of laughter where your stomach hurts, well that’s Killer Fish for me. The funniest thing that got me, is I actually remember watching this film with my family as a child and we were all taking it so seriously. Every joke just hit me in the right spot in this episode and I enjoyed every second of it, I was literally crying with laughter. I have favourite comedies that I watch on shitty days, well this is going into that collection. I just really wanted to keep this review as simple as possible and just say how much I enjoyed it and that I’m ready to go back and find some gems. Also, the introduction of Har Mar Superstar is genius, I loved him in the 90s and I’m glad he is back. There are some hilarious segments between the movies with Joshua and the crew, I just think the writers nailed this series and I hope they manage to keep the formula going for the next instalment.


Before you go, I have a question? What is your favourite episode of MST3K because I will go back and give it a whirl. I guess there are a lot of episodes out there, so any help you can give me is appreciated. Thanks for reading.