Creative Writing (First Story) The Pond Monsters.

This isn’t my usual review as normal but It is very important to me all the same. One of the reasons I started to do a blog is to help improve my writing skills. A while ago I thought about certain interests I had but never had the confidence to try them. The main one was to join a creative writing class and start a blog which I have done. As much as I feel I am still in my infancy stage I am really beginning to enjoy writing now. I have joined a writing class also and have just finished my first short story. I wasn’t going to post it on here because I know it’s not perfect by far, you know what though, that’s the best time to post it because it can help you grow and feedback can be very valuable. The main thing I am following through on my hobbies so I am feeling good and I guess that is the most important thing.

So basically it’s a children’s story and I will use this as a benchmark for everything that comes after. It only had to be a 1000 words or under so I had to squeeze a lot in such a short story. I will also keep editing it to see where I can go with it. I think the basic idea is pretty good but I can see a lot of faults already myself after just a week. Well here it is below, so if there any other new writers out there, I would love to hear from you.

The Pond Monsters

The sun was shining brightly as Billy was walked home from school. I can’t wait for the summer he thought. It was only three days away and he could feel the excitement run through his body. Six weeks of relaxing, eating and doing as little as possible. Only if his Mum would let him, mind. Just as Billy was daydreaming about what time he could lie in bed till he felt something hit him on the back of his head! Quickly he looked around to see what was happening but there was nobody there? Then he wondered what it was that actually hit him! When he looked down he found an empty crushed can on the floor, it was all covered in the green slime and water. Billy felt really confused now as it looked like the can had actually come from the pond? He picked up the can and put it into the bin when he got home.

That evening Billy was eating his tea and telling his mum what had happened earlier. “Well, that’s really strange?” she explained that Mr. Thompson had knocked on earlier and asked if anybody noticed someone leaving an old shopping trolley in his porch. Strange indeed Billy thought! Next morning when Billy was getting up for school he could hear his dad talking to some of the neighbours and ran downstairs “What’s happening Dad!” Billy said. “You better come and see this” His dad replied. Looking on the front he noticed that someone had placed an old hoover on top of his dad’s shed. Walking to school that morning was unlike any Billy had ever taken before, rubbish was hanging from the street lights, empty shopping bags wrapped around people’s front door knockers and poor  Mr.Thompson now had a manky sofa on top of his car roof. Billy noticed is all this seemed to lead back to the pond. Billy decided he would visit it again and would get to the bottom of all this mystery, once a for all.

After school, Billy went and waited at the pond and suddenly he felt very happy. Ducks quacking and all the birds singing in the open sky, the place was alive. Billy decided to lay his head down on the open grass to soak up the warmth of the sun. As quickly as he did that he noticed something large coming out of the water and straight towards him. Feeling scared he tried to move away as quickly as possible “Could I speak to you please?” Billy just stared for a very long time at the monster. he was big, green and rather scary, more than that though that he looked rather upset! The monster sat next to Billy and as he did the birds started to perch on his shoulders and the ducks began to sit beside him. Knowing the ducks and birds felt relaxed made Billy feel at ease. There was nothing to fear as he sat down himself. hello, my names Billy” The monster then replied “Mname is Harold and I need your help” Harold explained to Billy that he had to leave his home and his children to come look after the pond and that he was missing his family. If he didn’t come and to clean it up then it was possible lots wildlife will be hurt that summer. He also said that all the rubbish was destroying all the homes of the creatures and animals who lived in the area. Billy was angry, Harold isn’t a monster, the people who dump their rubbish are. “The pond monsters he shouted. Harold said he would not be allowed to go back home again till everywhere was clean in the surrounding areas, not just the pond itself and it made him sad. Because he was so angry at what the people had done, he decided to give people their rubbish back to see if made any difference but only Billy had turned up. “I have an Idea” Billy said and began to tell Harold of his plan.

It was the last day of school and Billy asked his teacher could he speak to the class. Billy explained to the children everything Harold had told him regarding the pond. He decided not to mention Harold because no one would ever believe him, right? He knew he had to do the moral thing and he told them he would spend his summer holiday working to cleaning up the litter and help make the countryside safer for the everybody to live in, use and enjoy. Billy asked the children to make sure to tell their parents his story and to not leave any rubbish out again. school had finished for the summer and Billy just wanted to make sure Harold could go home, he could manage the area all on his own. Back at home his mum and dad asked what he had planned to do for the summer and his mum also said it would be better if he just didn’t waste it, he was expecting that though. Billy told them the same story he had told the children in school and they said how proud they were that their son would that. They also decided they would help him with the clean-up. The first day of the holidays had arrived and Billy walked to pond with his parents, he knew it was going to be hard but he had to make sure the wildlife would be safe. To Billy’s surprise when he got there he noticed some of his friends from school and their parents also. Billy again told the story about the wildlife and this time everybody clapped and started to clean up. Across the pond Harold’s head popped up out of the water, he was happy he could go home now and see his own children, also happy the pond was safe, most of all he thought, those people aren’t really monsters. THE END.

Well there you go, I’m hoping someone took the time to read it anyway. Any feedback good or bad is welcomed. I will start to post more as I start to write them.

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