Return to Labyrinth Vol:1

Return to Labyrinth is an original English language manga based on the Jim Henson fantasy film Labyrinth. Jake T Forbes is credited as the creator, and Chris Lie is the illustrator. The covers for all four volumes were drawn by Koyuyi Shurei. It is published by TokyoPop.

I thought I would try doing a post from my phone for a change. I have just finished reading Return to Labyrinth and I must say that can’t wait to get my hands on Vol:2 l. I don’t want to go into spoilers but I will say it’s a great addition to the movie if you want to know what happened next? The story follows a teenage Toby and It works very well.

If they are going to make a sequel to the original movie, well, I would hope they keep this storyline in mind because it ticks all the boxes for me. The artwork is pretty good and there are a few Easter eggs thrown in there for fans, keep your eyes out for them. Anyway once I have finished the 4 volumes I will be doing a more in-depth review. I’m currently bidding on the next book on eBay as we speak; furthermore, this is the first time I have looked for anything outside of the film so if there is any other material that you think is worth checking out please let me know. Thanks for reading.