Goodbye February and hello March!

I decided I am going to start doing an end of month blog, this will be a thank you to those that have helped me along the way and also to let you know about some new ideas I have for my site going forward.  If I still have your attention then lets gets started!

In February I really started to look at the quality of my blogs, don’t get me wrong because I have had a couple of complaints. The reason I started this blog is to learn. Learn how to write correctly and also share my joy or disappointment at something I have watched, read or listened too. In order to learn I have to start somewhere so it’s all good with me. The main thing is that this is becoming a real pleasure for me in both the writing and reading of your blogs on a daily basis. I would like to thank a couple of bloggers who helped me become a Versatile Blogger Award Winner, it really has helped me believe I can do this and enjoy it along the way. Those bloggers are:

1366_768_2010092512564598709award poster I have started to notice that some of the followers I have are somehow involved with raistlin!  to be honest it does not come as a surprise as he is a great blogger and his comments on my posts and likes really have helped my confidence so huge thanks to him. More than all that though I really like his site and look forward to when his latest blog has dropped so really do go check him out and say hello, you won’t regret it.  Again, Flow comes from group of bloggers who are really catching my attention. Her blogs are really very interesting and right up my street. It’s only a few days ago that I noticed you can get instant notifications for new blogs, it’s safe to say that these two bloggers are on that list, many thanks Flow.

In March I will be introducing two new monthly blogs and I will explain more below, if you feel like you have any ideas that may help me with these projects then please let me know.

The Greatest Science Fiction Adventure Ever.

Basically, I have always loved Science Fiction and all everything that goes with it and the older I get the more I want to learn about it. I am going to start in the 1950s with Commando Cody and discuss the show and the impact it made at the time, also anything it may have inspired later. I am hoping that will lead me back and forth to different books, films and radio-plays that I have never heard of before. I am so excited for this one and can’t wait to get started.


Kevin Smith’s Six Degrees of Separation.

I guess everyone has heard the news recently about Kevin Smith and his health problems. I have always wanted to create a blog for years and it’s this man through his podcasts and many other forms of media he is involved in that finally pushed me to do it. I only really got into him about 6 or 7 years ago to be completely honest, I had watched and enjoyed Clerks and Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back when I was younger but that was about it. My first real introduction to Kevin Smith was on his audio show Fatman On Batman, that was the first podcast I had ever listened to and it was amazing. Over the years I have started to enjoy many things he has been a part off and help build. I will be reviewing his work and others he is associated with. Again, I’m really looking forward to this and hope he makes a speedy recovery. The one thing that is constant throughout anything this man is involved in is a real passion for life and how he helps others around him, he really is a modern-day superhero.


There will still be other reviews but this just gives me a little bit extra to sink my teeth into, I really need to start reviewing more books and music, anime is definitely on the agenda, take care people and see you in March.