The Disastrous Artists!


Well, what do I know about this film at this moment in time, absolutely nothing? I have seen the GIF’s and heard the famous lines “You tearing me apart Lisa”. In 2013 actor Greg Sestero released a book called This Disaster Artist which told of his involvement in the film The Room filmed in 2003. In the ten years since its release the film had received cult fame and after the release of the book that cult status has gained even greater success.  


I Share your pain, Tommy.

I was thinking of the best way to explain this film before I started to watch it! All I really knew is the Star and Director of the movie Tommy Wiseau and I had come across a few interviews with him and wanted to know more. I thought it was meant to be a romantic movie and I’m still slightly confused about what it is now.  The best thing I could say about The Room is if you locked the cast of Friends on a set and gave them enough class A drugs to last a week or so then this is what you would get, seriously. The plot is not the greatest but I guess it would have to keep in line with everything else in this film. The set design I noticed was just terrible, everything looked like it was made of cardboard and it probably was. Whilst filming the roof scenes, green screen was used and very badly I may add. The background looked like Istanbul, not San Francisco. I think you should watch The Room for yourself though because you do have to see it to believe it. It’s a mixture of oversized cargo pants, bad sex scenes, and diabolical acting. To be honest it has taken two viewings to watch this film and I still don’t understand what all the fuss is about. In fact, I’m worried about reviewing The Disaster Artist now, see you on the other side.


Everybody loves a good wig.

Well after watching the opening of The Disaster Artist I started to feel at ease as it opens with comments from some of my heroes in the film Industry, so it’s off to a great start! The true story is based on the friendship between Tommy Wiseau (James Franco) and Greg Sestero (Dave Franco) who both discover they share a passion for acting and one of them has some slight talent. After a few viewings of some James Dean movies, Tommy lets Greg know he has a place out in LA and they should both pursue a career there. Greg seems to be doing alright once they are in Hollywood compared to Tommy who has no luck at all. The next plan is that Tommy is going to direct his own movie called The Room in which Greg will also be an actor. I don’t want to ruin any more of the film for you and would like you to make your own opinion on it. To me I find both films to be a failure and both for the same reasons. In The Room why didn’t anyone ask why? Why was this film made and why did no one disagree with the Director and Financer? I find that answer to be money! With The Disaster Artist, they also should be asking the same questions, why?  Why after all these years is this cult movie a success and I don’t think the filmmakers understood the reason? I believe the answer is how people respond to failure and how we all like to support someone who has risked everything to make something great. I can’t believe people go watching this film to truly laugh at how terrible it really is. I think the answer is something more romantic than that and people are watching it because they think there is some real determination to it.  My view is that the original film cost a lot of money and the final cost was not shown in the original film. Maybe I have missed the point but I am quite happy too. If someone makes a great piece of work on a shoestring budget they will get my respect but not for this. I find it all a bit creepy and shows just what people will do for a slice of fame and money. I was expecting to watch something inspiring but writing this became a bit of a burden and I’m happy to let it pass me by.