As You Were Album Review


Liam Gallagher

(As You Were Album) Review.

So, on the 28th August 2009 after a flying plum and guitar put to bed one of the greatest bands of my generation, at the time I knew this was on the cards along with anyone else who had been reading Noel Gallagher’s (Tales from the Middle of Nowhere). The thing is I really liked (Dig Out Your Soul) and had watched them earlier that year at Heaton Park, for me this was just as good as (Be Here Now) and the two previous albums before that so I was slightly disappointed it was all over, I say slightly because I knew there would be new music from The Gallagher brothers in the future hopefully.

So, it’s 2017 and hopefully has turned into definitely, so Noel did what was expected and has released two solo albums with a third on the way (Who Built The Moon?) Liam on the other hand shared his distaste of a solo career and chose to carry on with the remaining Oasis band members and formed Beady Eye releasing two albums, the last one (BE) is the bravest and the most enjoyable album for me since (Dig Out Your Soul) I would have liked to see what Beady Eye would have done with a third album but that was not to BE and the band split, Liam as he stated himself has spent the last four years in the public domain for all the wrong reasons, I don’t feel the need to talk about his personal life but you would think there is at least one albums worth of good songs in all that turmoil and here we get (As You Were) Liam Gallagher’s first solo album and I really do like it.

William John Paul Gallagher also known as Liam Gallagher as I write this is currently No 1 in the albums charts, also 90% of all digital and physical music media consumed in the UK is his debut album (As You Were) It seems things are on the up, we are all aware of the sibling rivalry between him and brother Noel but I don’t want to go on about this much as I much to prefer to talk about the music. Liam, currently has 2.3 million followers on twitter which isn’t bad for someone apparently out of the limelight for four years, he has air time on BBC One Radio and Two, he has probably been on Radio four and shipping forecast for all I know, this is no easy thing to achieve, lots of bands and solo acts including his older brother have been shifted over to Radio Two for an older audience like myself, brand LG is as big as it has ever been.


Well what about the actual album, I really like it. (Wall Of Glass) is unapologetic in its over production and big drum beats, most of all Liam Gallagher’s voice actually feels revitalised, (For What It’s Worth) reminds me of 1970s American pop music, very catchy and very biographical, (Bold) starts a very distinctive sound in the this album, it’s hard to put a finger on it but it’s almost a 80s new romantic sound, I know people will be like what is he on about but hey I can hear it. (Greedy Soul) and (You Better Run) brings Gallagher back to simple Rock N Roll he is not shy to talk about. It would take me a very long time to tell you what I like about this album, there is so many different influences I can hear on it, I recently heard an interview with Liam saying he just wants to enjoy the album and I am doing that, it is certainly a step in the right direction, I have just recently watched a video on YouTube from a rock album enthusiast who was never liked Oasis or Noel but loves this album, it seems to be standing on new shoulders, I would give this album a 10/10 rating, go have a listen and tell me what you think?


Track Listing.

Wall Of Glass 8/10

The first single is taken from the album, It’s big anthem and an even bigger statement.

Bold 9/10

This song is quite elegant compared to the live version, It’s a great little song and very easy to learn on the guitar.

Greedy Soul 7/10

Great song but not sure on the Grateful Dead lyrics.

Paper Crown 10/10

Great song, It sounds a little bit like Radiohead and something new for the Gallagher vibe.

For What It’s Worth 8/10

I’m sure everyone has heard this song by now, an apology to everyone, sounds a bit 9-5 or something to me.

When I’m In Need 9/10

Something again what is new for LG, I’m sure this has some of the Lost Boys Soundtrack mixed in?.

You Better Run 10/10

This is one of my favourites, proper Rock N Roll.

I Get By 10/10

Great song, great tempo, great for when Im out running.

Chinatown 6/10

I do like the sound of this song but the lyrics are quite weak (Whats a European?).

Come Back To Me 10/10

Got to say this is a beautiful song and reminds me of the 90s, It would sound even better on the radio.

Universal Gleam 8/10

Good song, really impressed with the production on this song.

I’ve All I Need 10/10

What a belter.

Deluxe additional tracks:

Doesn’t Have To Be That Way 10/10

Should and could be a single, really impressed with this song the most out of any new material.

All My People / All Mankind 8/10

Again great production and crisp sound.

I Never Wanna Be Like You 9/10

As close to a Beatlesque sound you will find on this album, really enjoyable.

So now we have (As You Were) and will soon have (Who Built The Moon?) where does this leave Oasis? Dead in the water apparently, to be fair I am enjoying both of their work as solo artists anyway but I’m certainly not losing hope to see them live again and maybe see a studio album, if they do decide to make an album them Liam would certainly be in a better place to record it, he has shown and proven to himself and others he can write great songs and do great work in the studio, Noel after listening to this album will know that, for now that is but a dream but I am always one for dreaming.


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