Would you buy a 1.4 Million Dollar Watch?


Floyd Mayweather Jr and Conor McGregor will fight in August in what has been named the money fight, Mayweather who is currently undefeated in his boxing career will fight McGregor who is a UFC champion, I enjoy some boxing but have never watched UFC, the thing I want to talk about is Floyd Mayweather.

There is a promotion happening in this fight what has not been seen before, it seems more like a WWF wrestling fight than anything else but people will pay a lot of money for this fight and at pay per view price of at least £15 per home the two fighters are out to publicize it the best they can. During the last encounter Mayweather who is worth an estimated $400 million decided to show McGregor his watch worth a cool $1.4 million dollars, Thing is when I realised he had paid so much I actually laughed.

mayweather watch

So I must admit I am not a big jewellery person, I have one gold chain which is a family heirloom  apart from that some decent clothes will do me. So if you have a $1.4 million dollar watch and your out and about how is anyone meant to know what its worth ? I don’t sit here shocked at how much money one person can have, they deserve it but a watch ? It’s very hard to find yourself in a place unable to find out the right time in this modern age. so If you haven’t told anyone what its worth,( I couldn’t tell you the difference between a $500 watch and a $1.4 watch) plus you already know the time then it does not make much sense to me. A nice house for would be good and for a that money this home would make me quite happy indeed at $1.3million.



Or a Bugatti Veyron at $1.4 million.


A decent Yacht at $1.45 million.


The list could go on and on with some great things you could buy for that price but I guess that money is loose change to millionaires but a watch makes me laugh, you could even buy a decent house and give some money to charity and be happy, in fact that kind of money could change a couple of families lives forever.

My main point is I don’t deny or moan about people’s wealth nor am I saying Mayweather does not give away or make money for charities across the world, my question is what is the pleasure in a watch like that because I do not know ? If you want to be successful do you have to want the best stuff in life even if it is useless ? anyway it would be good if anyone could give me some feedback on this because I just don’t get it.

This is my second blog on WordPress and just starting to enjoy it so if you would like to follow me or give me some feedback I would very much appreciate it.

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